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Do you want to stop taking prescribed drugs? or just reduce your perscription ?  Ayurvedic herbs are gentle in helping heal the body, contain no chemicals, or give complex side effects.  

Do you suffer from back pain ? neck or shoulder pain ?   Regular massage can dissolve your pain. Yoga can strengthen weak parts of the body Get in touch today and feel better all day........................................   

Do you want to feel: Stronger ? more determined ? energized ? Healthier ? Book your Consultation today below 

1st Consultation - 2 hours 

We establish your Ayurvedic body type - Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Lorna uses tongue and pulse analysis to assess your current health state. 

2nd Consultation - 1 hour 

Massage therapies including soothing lymphatic massage These points are at junctions of flesh, joints, veins, arteries, tendons and bones and influence energy and hormonal flow 
Highly beneficial for conditions like enlarged liver or spleen. To release emotional blockages of trauma trapped in the body such as unexpressed grief, injury or abuse. By improving the energy flow and reducing trapped toxins within the body. This is a very gentle treatment. Cleansing for Lymphoma diseases. 
Swedish massage for relaxation and complete de-stress. 

3rd Consultation - 1 hour 

Panchakarma therapy , Personalized Dosha Dietary plan, with lifestyle suggestions. 
Some benefits of detoxifying your body are: 
improves  energy level and willpower 
helps to improve mental clarity 
re-ignites digestive ability 
spring cleans your inner tissues where disease starts 
helps to reduce a feeling of heaviness in the body 
makes disease formation much less likely 
reduces toxin build up 
Ayurvedic herbs heal gently and naturally. 

4th/5th Consultations - 1 hour 

Specialist Yoga postures for your Dosha/body type. 
This helps lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also reduces insomnia and lowers blood pressure, slowly strengthening the heart. Improves muscle tone and flexibility, relieves stress, improves your immune system and relieves stiffness. 
Ayurvedic treats the root cause of disease, not just your symptoms. Conventional medicine treats only the symptoms. 
A minimum of four/five Consultations are suggested to ensure you receive a Holistic service. 

To discuss your personal requirements and for further information please contact me 

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